DAMS D6050 Series

Medium Sized Antennas

All DAMS D6050 Series systems features:

  • Robust Components
  • Professionally machined parts
  • Precision calibrated RF cables
  • Precision rotary joints
  • Feature-packed software
  • Detailed, full-color users manual
  • Full technical support
  • Parts and labor warranty

Model Features

  D6050 Series

Frequency Range
Up to 50GHz Coax and 110 GHz Waveguide

Movement Range

Azimuth: 0-360º or +/- 180
Elevation: 0-360º or +/- 180


Azimuth: .02º (.01 half-step)
Elevation: .02º (.01 half-step)

Weight Capacity

Roll Axis: 25 Lbs.

Turntable: 150 Lbs

Included Cables
Two 15' ULTRA-Low-loss SMA Cables

Rotary Joint
Precision rotary joints in both axis

Included Software
DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio Pro

Spherical Plotting Module

Included Accessories
All Accessories

Full 3 year Warranty