Designed for quick learning and maximum productivity, the DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio includes many time saving features. This includes such options as an instant help button which provides on the spot assistance or explanations of any function.

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Polar and Amplitude Plot

Setup and make your measurements using the main screen as the real-time position and data are plotted to the polar and amplitude plots!

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Measurement Features
  • Support for power meters, voltmeters,spectrum analyzers and VNA/PNA's
  • Extensive post-processing modules
  • Export data with variable formatting options
  • Measure up to 1600 frequency points @ every increment
  • Variable speed
  • Move to max signal position
  • Vertical / horizontal scan measurements
  • CW/CCW antenna rotation
Data Processing and Visualization
  • Quad trace polar plots
  • Dual trace amplitude plots
  • Compliance Overlay
  • 3D AZ/EL over Freq
  • 3D AZ over El
  • Spherical plots (pro version only)
  • Calibrated Ref. Ant. import
  • Path loss calculator
  • Excel or .TXT export
  • Complete data manipulation
  • Multiple storage registers for convenience
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Data Processing and Visualization Features
View, plot, manipulate, and export data using the data processing and visualization features.

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